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I love staying fit, always have. This love then translated in to a fulfilling career as a group class instructor with over 15 years of experience. The job taught me many life skills, including the importance of eating healthy, cooked from scratch, natural meals. It even motivated me to play around with different recipes for breakfast cereal, me being a cereal junkie and all, until I came up with my own version of granola.

Soon enough, my family and friends discovered that this crunchy granola made for a tasty, quick, filling, and satisfying meal. They even came up with unique ways of enjoying it...as a dry snack, in salads, in smoothies, as a dessert with ice cream, and also as a south Indian sweet dish with jaggery and coconut!!! They were having it through the day and not just for breakfast! It was all the more exciting to see my little child and his friends loving it.

I have enjoyed making it for everyone around me and now I am excited to share it with you through Purple Hippie.


Shruthi,Founder,Purple Hippie.

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